Plastic Bottles

We Stock HDPE, MDPE, LDPE and PET Plastic Bottles

The Plastic Bottles Company is a top supplier of small empty plastic bottles in the UK. We stock a large range of empty plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic pots, closures, caps, lids, sprays and pumps. 

Our empty plastic bottles can be used for personal and beauty care, healthcare, pharmaceutical, e-cigs and liquid nicotine, food and drink, pet care, smart paint and household and cleaning products markets. Food grade/food safe bottles available.

HDPE Plastic Bottles

We stock a large range of HDPE Plastic Bottles. HDPE plastic can be used for foods like milk and snacks, strong chemicals such as smart paints, acrylic paints, cleaning products, motor oil, shampoos and conditioners, soap bottles, acetone, detergents, e-cig and bleaches.

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PET Plastic Bottles

These are good for body lotions, creams, cosmetics, toiletries,  fizzy water, water-based paints and also food products. PET is widely used in the food and drinks industry and is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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MDPE Plastic Bottles

Suitable for storing weak chemicals, some oils, acrylic paints and also food products. Perfect for the Tattooist, Aromatherapist, Nail technician, Hair extensionist, SMART Repairer, Cake Decorator and many different crafts.

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LDPE Plastics

They are great for inks, glue, glitter, some oils, water based paints and also food products and these plastic bottles are a favourite with crafters. These bottles are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

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Still Have Plastic Bottle Questions? 

If you have never ordered plastic bottles before and are unsure about which type of plastic bottle you need, just give us a call at The Plastic Bottles Co. and we can advise you about the different types of plastic.

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